We have partnered with Octavian whose facilities are widely regarded as one of the finest places on the planet to store fine wine.

Based deep underground in the hills outside of Bath, this former mine and military ammunition depot is one of the finest places on the planet to store fine wine.

Combining the natural properties of an underground cellar with latest in computer controlled ventilation equipment, temperature is maintained at 13-14C year round, with humidity levels at 75-85%.

All customers who chose to store their wines in Octavian with Mann Fine Wine can be assured of the following:

    • Your wine is kept in some of the very best conditions available anywhere in the world by a team of highly trained professionals.
    • Each case is marked with your name and your Mann Fine Wine account code.
    • Each case also has a unique identifier (rotation number) which is stored both in our system and Octavian’s.
    • Insurance is provided at full replacement value.

Charges are very simple – £10.50 per 9L case (12x75cl, 6x150cl, etc) per year, and £5.25 per 4.5L case (6x75cl, 3x150cl, etc) per year. All charges exclude VAT.

As we are a small business, we will only store wines that are purchased through Mann Fine Wine. If you would like to discuss this further, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or phone.

Delivery & Duty

We securely deliver to the UK, as well as key locations in Europe and Asia. Shipping to the rest of the world can be arranged on request.

Sell Your Wine

If you are interested in selling a part or all of your collection we have an extensive network of contacts and are able to act as your agents.


With over 20 years experience and a significant personal portfolio, Tom Mann is well equipped to provide you with wine investing advice.