‘...a classical vintage of this wine in the making... extremely affordable...’ 

I have said many time before that Rioja is one of the great value points to be had in the modern wine world. Personally, I prefer the more traditional style, so I have always concentrated my focus on 3 producers - Lopez de Heredia, CVNE & La Rioja Alta.

Today I am very pleased to release one of the most underrated wines in CVNE's portfolio - the Vina Real Gran Reserva 2016. I drank a sample botlte over two nights earlier this week, and it's really a very good wine indeed. Lots of cherry fruit, touch of spice from the American oak, and that lovely note of acidity which could only be from Rioja.

Personally, I would give this a couple of years aging before I pull it out of storage, but you can very  happily drink this now and over the next 15 years easily. Luis Gutierrez recently did a vertical with the 1959 & 1947 where they were still in very good shape!

I also have a small quantities of alternative formats going up to 500cl.

The 2016 has been marked as 'Especial' - reserved only for the vintages that the winery feels are exceptional.

For just £130 per 6 IB, this is a steal.

Due to arrive in mid June.

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