Kirsty & I drink a lot of rose in the summer, and now that Mann Fine Wine is trading, it's very much in our interest to find a really good version - especially after the great weather of the last few days.

We've experimented a lot over the last couple of years - Miraval, Whispering Angel, Minuty, Peyrassol and many more - and our absolute favourite has been the Argali Rose from Ch Puech-Haut in the Languedoc.

We first discovered this last summer at a friend's restaurant in the New Forest, and were immediately convinced. It's extremely easy to drink, as we found out recently when we sampled the 2021, and wondered where the bottle had vanished to in such short order.It's incredibly drinkable - we also took the opportunity to benchmark it against a handful of roses at the same price point, and the Puech-Haut wiped the floor with the lot of them. We also noted that the alcohol was a very modest 12.5%, which goes a long way to explaining the drinkability... It's extremely well balanced, with a real nice roundness to it, a lovely fruit quality, yet a refreshing minerality to the finish. At £12.67 per bottle inc VAT (plus delivery) this is tremendous value.

'...some of Languedoc’s best (and most attractively packaged) rosés...' - Andrew Jefford, Decanter

Ch Puech-Haut was created by businessman Gerard Bru in 1980, after he sold his electrical company to Alstrom & came back to his Languedoc roots. He has grown the estate to be one of the most important in the Languedoc, producing consistently excellent wines. We will be featuring more of his range over the next few months.

These all come in a very attractive frosted bottle, and there are magnums and 3Ls also available, which look amazing on the table. These are absolutely designed for summer parties! All the bottles are sealed with glass Vinolok stoppers.

Very highly recommended by us - this will be on our table throughout the summer, especially in the larger formats as we do a lot of entertaining.

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