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2020 Georg Mosbacher, Forster Ungeheuer Riesling Grosses Gewachs, Pfalz 6x75cl

£108 / Case (Excl. UK Duty & VAT) £148.82 / Case (Incl. UK Duty & VAT)Duty Status: In BondAvailability: Immediate
Duty StatusPrice
excl. UK Duty & VAT
incl. UK Duty & VAT
AvailabilityETA to UK Addr.
In Bond £108 £148.82Immediate1-2 days

In Bond wines have had no UK Duty or VAT paid on them. If In Bond wines are purchased for storage in a bonded warehouse or for export - no UK Duty or VAT will be payable. If In Bond wines are purchased for delivery to a UK address - UK Duty and VAT is required to be paid before the delivery can take place.

Immediate wines are available for immediate storage or delivery as per your instructions.